"Who Else Wants To STOP Unfair Online Opinions From Destroying Their Hard Earned Business?"

Did you know that unless you have  a minimum of 6-10  POSITIVE opinions posted about your business online, your customers or clients will seek out your competition?

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Fact:  94% of new customers use search engines to find local businesses

Fact: 70% of households use the internet as their go-to source when purchasing local products & services

Fact: Even though you might be on page one of Google, you are still competing with the 9 other businesses on that page, and it will depend on your rating where customers go.

"For Every Bad Experience, A customer or client will tell a minimum of 10 others!"

Fact: People are usually only scanning the listings to see what other people say because they don't have time to read every listing

Fact: They're looking for what are known as "Social Signals" i.e. What other customers are saying and sharing about your business online.

Fact: They are looking for how many rating stars you have.  Anything less than 4 stars, and they go to your competition.  

"For Every good Experience, a customer or client will likely tell only one other person!"

Fact: They are looking for businesses with as close to a perfect score of 5 stars on such sites like Yelp, and Google plus, and Yellow Pages.  

Fact: You lose a whopping 19% of your business (read income) for each HALF star that drops off your perfect score of 5.  

Fact: 70% of customers trust a business with a minimum of 6 to 10 reviews.

Fact: 72% of consumers surveyed state that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Even those by anonymous posters!

Fact: 95% of smart phone users use their mobile devices first to search for local businesses.

You need to increase the number of positive reviews to directly increase your income revenue.

Be honest - Which Business Would You Choose??



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